The World of BTTC

Think of the times when you want to talk to your friend. You make a call to him/her but the other person wouldn’t pick up the phone. It’s irritating, isn’t it! Well, here is the team Drishti to rescue you from this problem. We will help you in predicting the best time when your friend … Continue reading The World of BTTC

That Aha Moment ..When Your Sprint Ends with a Ting!!!

Going with agile was never about only implementing agile practices in the team. What was more important to us was to achieve business agility. With this objective in our mind, we started by identifying the possible end-results that would result in the organisation’s success. Soon, we identified our business goals and laid down an approach … Continue reading That Aha Moment ..When Your Sprint Ends with a Ting!!!

Get Started on Machine Learning

Our future lies in AI/Machine learning, either your products are using them or you don’t exist in Future. Now rather than giving more theory, lets dive in what you should do to get started with ML: Start with Coursera course of Machine Learning by Andwer Ng : This will give you idea about machine learning … Continue reading Get Started on Machine Learning