Remember that feeling when you last walked of the examination hall. Remember guessing the questions that would follow before the paper started. Your knowledge about the subject was inversely proportional to the sleep you gained previous night. Everything followed all these years and we just wished exams to always get over but never to start. … Continue reading Pariksha

Why NOT to hire using Google Puzzles?

Most startups are too busy doing their core jobs and often do not have time to innovate in non-core areas. One such area is recruiting and they tend to bank on the best practices available in the market. We were in the same situation till last year. For all our technical hiring we were relying heavily on “the brain-teasers hiring” prominently used by Microsoft, Google and the likes. We were sure that it would meet our requirements and moreover it provided an opportunity to offer mental-stimulation to ourselves; as we would prepare ourselves with the then in fashion-questions before interviewing candidates. I personally respect and like this urge of interviewers to appear smarter than the interviewees as it often results in re-skilling oneself. Continue reading “Why NOT to hire using Google Puzzles?”